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The Huawei TE30 videoconferencing room system was evaluated recently by Janet's Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS) team at Edinburgh University. The full evaluation document can be found by following this link.
Manufacturer: LifeSize Model: Icon 600™ Software Version: RM3_1.1.2 Optional Features and Modifications: 1080p                                 Dual Monitor                                                                                                                                     
Manufacturer: Cisco      Model: EX60 Software Version: TC 5.0.0 Optional Features and Modifications: Premium Resolution Option                                                                                                                                        Date of Test: 6th – 20th January 2012                                  
The VTAS Service was retired in May 2017. This page will no longer be updated. Codec Summary Table August 2015 This table is a guide to the videoconferencing codec products tested in detail by VTAS. It summarises the key features and hopefully will enable those interested to initially select which particular range of products best fits their needs.
The VTAS service has now been retired (May 2017). In a new partnership with Ajenta, Jisc are planning the next evolution of the Vscene videoconferencing service. As part of this change Jisc has decided to retire the VTAS service.
Vscene is a service created and operated by Jisc for UK education and research and the public sector. Vscene provides vidoeconferences in virtual rooms or schedule sessions via standards based systems, browsers and phones. Vscene provides a live conference management interface providing many control options not normally available in a videoconference, including streaming and recording.
Introduction JVCS-Check (the JANET Videoconferencing Service-Check) is an easy to use online tool which provides an instant audio and video assessment facility for IP-based (H.323) videoconferencing endpoints.A typical JVCS-Check assessment session takes just over ten minutes to complete and consists of ten sections, each introduced by a technical summary from a recorded presenter: