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Network time protocol (ntp) servers are regularly being used to reflect and amplify spoofed UDP packets towards the target of a DDoS attack. Attacks are growing in size and frequency and sometimes even cause issues for the organisations hosting the reflectors. Servers offering the 'monlist' command are particularly troublesome and can provide a huge amplification affect.
The statistics provided by Jisc's Janet network CSIRT require a degree of interpretation. Often the numbers are influenced more by the team's activities than they are by external influences. For example: an increase in the number of malware incidents may indicate increasing infections, but it is just as likely to be due to increased detection rates by CSIRT.
There has been a resurgence of "fake" websites that infringe upon the intellectual property of our customers. Their name and brand may be misused, the design of their site may have been copied, or the website may be trying to masquerade as them. In some cases the legitimacy of the organisation running the site may be in question.
Many organisations are looking to have some form of penetration testing performed on their systems. This may simply be to evaluate existing security measures and to find gaps where security needs improvement, but increasingly it is performed to comply with security standards when connecting to public sector networks or processing payment details.