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24 January 2017 - S/MIME certificates for digitally signed emails
Jisc Certificate Service Jisc is able to provide subscribers of the Certificate Service with a range of server and S/MIME email certificates issued by QuoVadis CA. ----- All certificates issued are SHA-256. ----- 1. QuoVadis Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate - recommended by Jisc for high profile web services
PB/INFO/003 (06/06) It is relatively easy to create an electronic mail message that appears, superficially at least, to come from someone else. It is therefore useful to be able to ‘sign’ e-mails, as we use ink signatures on paper documents and letters, to give stronger proof of their origin. There are systems that allow such signatures to be created using certificates and certification agencies, however the most commonly used system, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), uses a different approach and terminology.
Q. What organisations are eligible to join this service? A. Organisations can check their eligibility for this service here. Q. How much does a certificate cost? A. Currently Janet will absorb the cost of providing Janet Certificate Service, but from 3 June 2013 there will be a charge applied for obtaining SSL certificates from the service.