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Subscriber Host-created request-by-SMS account generation for conferences/open days

For events where large numbers of attendees turn up on the day, e.g. open days, one/multi-day conferences, eVA has the capability of ‘self-service’ provision of guest accounts using the SMS-request account feature.

How the SMS-request function works: SMS-request accounts can be created by the guest sending the keyword, that the event organiser (host) has defined, in a text message to the eVA SMS-request number (+44 7860 039833). eVA creates an account and texts the credentials (and a link to instruction on how to set up eduroam/CAT for eVA) to the guest. The cost to the guest of sending the text is the standard cost under the user’s call plan. There is no charge for the text containing the credentials sent to the guest from eVA.

To create the event, using the eVA portal, the event organiser selects 'My SMS events' from the 'My eVA' option on the menu bar. Then click on 'Add a SMS event'. Enter a name for the event. Enter a keyword of your choice. Set the maximum number of visitors you wish the event to support. The maximum is 9999. The choose the start and end dates. And click on the [Submit] button.

The event organiser can enable the guest account to be valid for a short duration (1 day) up to a maximum of 5 days. (This limit has been set since there is only very limited traceability of the user - it is based simply on a mobile phone number). This maximum duration cannot be set to a period greater than 5 days, however you should be able to update the event at any time. So if you need to extend an event you can adjust the start and end dates during the period of the event.

The guest can then either make a note of the credentials and insert them directly into their device supplicant (and do a basic setup themselves) or preferably use 3/4G to access the eduroam CAT via a URL link https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=2177 and download the CAT installer that will set up the guest’s device 100% correctly. (We would recommend the latter).

There’s an example advertising web page at https://eva.eduroam.uk/sms/jisc?keyword=This%20is%20an%20example

Jisc-created 1-day validity daily recurring request-by-SMS account generation for self-service provision by visitors

There is a second SMS-request account feature, which utilises a rolling keyword of the day - which is valid for that day only. The guest accounts are also valid only for the one day. This rolling 1-day SMS service has to be enabled for you by Jisc and is available on request through help@jisc.ac.uk. The format for the keyword of the day is ‘requestword’+2 digit random number; please state what you would like the request word keyword to be when applying. 

Once set up by Jisc, 1-day SMS event details can only be viewed on the portal by the organisation eVA Admin level users. From the menu bar drop down list for 'Admin', click on '1-day SMS'. All future scheduled 1-day SMS events will be displayed in a table on https://eva.eduroam.uk/daily-sms-events:

Valid at Keyword Limit Current usage     

The edit feature on the right hand side allows the Admin user to adjust the maximum number of 1-day SMS guest accounts for that day.

The Keyword for the day can be made known by the Admin user to potential SMS-account request visitors using e.g. an electronic notice board. The eVA backend system is able to generate an events advertising page and rather than create your own page, you can use the eVA system-generated one if you wish. A specific page for each 1-day SMS will be dynamically built for you - click on the day's Keyword link e.g. https://eva.eduroam.uk/sms/'organisation'?keyword='organisation'XX&date_...

SMS-request events advertisement web page

The eVA backend system is able to generate an events advertising page, should events organisers wish to make use of this. The functionality of the system is due to be upgraded shortly (Jan 2010) and the contents of this section will be updated to reflect the improvements.

What is the URL of the Wi-Fi service/SMS-request/keyword advertising page?

When you go to the My eVA – My SMS Events page and [Add a SMS event]   https://eva.eduroam.uk/sms-events/create you’ll see in the pale blue info box at the top that there’s a line ‘Visitors can SMS this keyword to the eVA phone number’.  This is linked to an example advert page (which for Jisc is)  https://eva.eduroam.uk/sms/jisc?keyword=This is an example

Note that the URL ends in ‘=This is an example’ 

On the advert page that is generated you’ll see that in the top right hand corner the key word is displayed and for the above this is ‘This is an example’

If you append the keyword that you want to use for the event to the URL https://eva.eduroam.uk/sms/jisc?keyword=   (substitute organisation-specific replacement for ‘jisc’) then you will see that the advert page contains your keyword.

By default the ‘Only valid on:’ date is today’s date.  You can change that by appending further content e.g. &date_start=2019-10-26&date_end=2019-10-26