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5.1 Janet Policies

Janet Acceptable Use Policy

Janet Network Connection Policy

Janet eduroam Policy

Janet Security Policy

Terms for the Provision of the Janet Service

5.2 Factsheets

Connecting Wired and Wireless Networks (PB/INFO/068 - withdrawn)

Guest and Public Network Access factsheet

Janet eduroam Security Measures Factsheet (PB/INFO/067)

Safe Use of Web Redirect Wireless Networks (PB/INFO/058a - withdrawn)

User Authentication Factsheet

WEP, WPA or Other (PB/INFO/071)

5.3 Janet eduroam®

Janet eduroam service

Janet eduroam Policy

Janet eduroam Technical Specification

Janet Roaming Security Measures Factsheet (PB/INFO/067)

eduroam federation

5.4 Tools

Effective Incident Response (GD/NOTE/009)

Surveying Wireless Networks Technical Guide