12 June 2018 at 11:05am
Subtitle: Barriers for staff accessing, using and sharing published information online within the National Health Service in England: technology, risk, culture, policy and practice An overview of findings from Catherine's PhD
2 April 2014 at 11:35am
We continue to monitor the effect of the filtering of large ntp packets (> 128 bytes) at the Janet borders. Where people have had concerns we've been working with them to make sure that their work is impacted as little as possible by this measure. The filtering has had a large reduction on the impact to Janet infrastructure but the current filtering limits still allow enough traffic through the Janet border to cause disruption for customers with 100Mb/s, or busy 1Gb/s, connections.
Reviewed 12/06/2019 Why do we need to configure attribute filtering? RADIUS packets contain various "attributes" which can be generated by the network access server (eg. AP or switch) and at RADIUS servers that handle the packets during authentication and accounting exchanges. Certain attributes play a key role in the process of correct assignment of the user to an appropriate VLAN. Depending on the manufacturer of the equipment, these can be RFC-defined attributes or vendor-specific ones.
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