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Martyn Smith, Director of IT and Innovation at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, describes the experience of implementing the Lorenzo EPR at his Trust.
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eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam provides an infrastructure that allows users to authenticate onto a visited network (wireless and/or wired) using their home site credentials, without any local administrative burden or complexities on the user or the local IT staff. This course provides and overview of the service, its configuration & deployment and overall monitoring & troubleshooting of the service.
In this section we discuss the issues facing a site that is considering the deployment of QoS in its network. We first run through some of the general considerations for a site before looking at some of the specifics of certain technologies that may impact QoS deployment, along with the user and application viewpoint for QoS. Finally we discuss how these issues may vary for large (university campus and satellite) and small (single site college) networks.
Scott Armitage, Loughborough University 9 May 2011 Introduction 802.11n is the latest Wi-Fi standard in wireless networking. Although the standard was only fully ratified in 2009, it is already very well supported in client chipsets. Pre-standard devices began appearing as early as 2007 and by the time of ratification, the vast majority of new laptops being sold had 802.11n-capable wireless adapters. Furthermore, 802.11n has now begun to appear in smart phones.
SU1X User Guide There are two stages to using SU1X, first the configuration details need to be captured and the application customized for the users site. The second stage is the distribution and use by clients and a setup utility. Below both phases are described in detail. Configuration of the Utility Download SU1X First download the latest version of SU1X from sourceforge. The zip file should contain a bin folder with the relevant configuration files and executables and also a source folder.
This document is due for revision. References to JRS and 'JRS tiers' should be disregarded. It should be read in conjunction with
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