12 January 2017 at 2:47pm
Appendix 1 of the eduroam(UK) Technical Specification in quick checklist format
27 September 2016 at 3:57pm
eduroam technical specification checklist (based on specification 1.4) A precis of all requirements and recommendations that can be checked during deployment of eduroam at a site - or when reviewing your service or checking issues. Please note that proxying of RADIUS accounting datagrams to the NRPS is now deprecated - and will be forbidden in the next iteration of the technical specification
Necessary information: [ ] Title of conference (See 3.1) [ ] Purpose of conference (See 3.1) [ ] Conference duration (See 3.1) [ ] Name of conference coordinator (See 3.1) [ ] Email address/phone number of conference coordinator (See 3.1) [ ] List of venues for the conference (See 3.2) [ ] Names of main attendees at each venue (See 3.3) [ ] Names of main attendees at each venue (See 2.2) [ ] Guest venue (if included), does it have an IP or ISDN CODEC? (See 2.2)
This checklist is intended as a guide for site administrators. It may not be an exhaustive list of issues (this will vary depending on the site security policy, for example), but should be of assistance as a starting point. Task Note Plan deployment topology for H.323 equipment.
After your device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) has been initially set up to connect to an eduroam network (normally your home organisation's own eduroam network) it should connect to any eduroam network at any site, providing you with network access at a huge number of locations.
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