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Frequently Asked Questions Q1 Why are you doing this?A1 ISDN usage has steadily decreased to the extent that the cost to maintain the ISDN capability now far outweighs the benefit. To keep Vscene sustainable, Jisc has decided to remove bridging support within it from 1st August 2016. Q2 Does this stop me dialling into conferences using a telephone?A2 No this does not, you can continue to dial in to conferences via telephone. This change does not affect the telephone dial in facility.
Google has now removed support for NPAPI plugins, which we relied on until recently. The Vscene Desktop plugin has been re-designed to function in a different way and we are currently working on integrating it into our system. We hope to have both the PC and the Mac versions avaialble soon. Our desktop plugin can be used with IE11, Safari, Opera, and the latest Firefox versions, so we hope that most users will have access to one of these in the meantime.
Entering the browser test room Device settings Audio and video test The browser test room has been created to allow you to test your audio and video, in preparation for joining a videoconference via your browser.    Entering the browser test room There are several ways that you can enter test room. There is a public virtual room, which is available 24/7.
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Free to most of UK education and research (Eligibility) Live telephone support 08:00 to 21:00 weekdays, 08:00 to 17:00 Saturdays (national rate call) Online videoconference scheduling & launching system (with federated access available) All calls are setup from our central systems on the Janet core reducing latency Centrally controlled calls reduce interoperability issues and allow support team to quickly resolve issues
This page is updated regularly Current browser plugin version ***New plugin to support Chrome being tested - we hope to release in February*** Supported browsers: IE11, Safari, Opera, Firefox Issues by browser: Google Chrome Currently not supported by plugin. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to find Vidyo Logs 1. MS Windows C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Vidyo\Data\User
You'll find below a list of helpful use guides. We will continue to update and more user guides and videos as we create them. If you can't find what you are looking for, or you have an idea for a new guide or video, please get in touch Help Guides: Advice for dial in participants with a hardware system here
Conference participants can be included as a dial-in participant if they would prefer to dial-in rather than have Vscene automatically call out to them. Dial-in participants will receive an email with dial-in detail ahead of the conference. The dial-in options provided in an email to an IP dial-in participant appear as [PIN or Room Number]@[IP address]. Some VC system manufacturers deal with PINs or Room ID Numbers in different ways. If in doubt, just dial the IP address first and then enter the Room Number when asked for a PIN.
Sometimes users are invited to join a multi-party conference which is being hosted on an MCU (Multi-Point Control Unit) not operated by Vscene. If this is the case, you will probably be given an IP address (looking like or a GDS number (which looks like an international phone number e.g. 0035 276 192476) and also a PIN to access the conference once you have connected to the MCU. How to book the conference In this example, we will be making a booking that connects to a conference with ID 12345 on an MCU with an IP address of