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Once you have the appropriate certificate credit on your organisation's Certificate Service account, you can proceed and request the required SSL server certificate, by clicking on the 'Request Certificate' tab in the JCS portal. The following steps apply: Request Certificate 1. Is the certificate for a primary or secondary school? Note: only available to local authorities
Before you can request SSL server or S/MIME email certificates you must first have some certificate credits in your account. These come in the form of bundles ranging from 1 to 250 credits for server and 1 to 5,000 for S/MIME. Credits can be purchased online through the portal, using a credit card or Purchase Order. [If you wish to buy credits using a Purchase Order please just have the PO number available which you enter online at the point of purchase] Please note the "Pay by PO" button is inactivated until the purchase total is £250 or greater.
Instructions for how to use the new JCS portal (accessible from are available from these pages. The main areas are: Managing Authorised Users Purchasing Certificate Bundle Credits
To see a table on the Jisc Certificate Service group page, listing details of each of the available certificates, please follow this link
QuoVadis Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate Can now be requested directly through the JCS web app   ** Key features of the QuoVadis Extended Validation SSL certificate: **
Step 1 In order to participate in the Jisc Certificate Service you will first need to create a community account at, and once registered, link your organisation to your Jisc Community account from the account 'Profile' page. Step 2 All other users which you want to be able to request certificates on behalf of your organisation will also need to register an account on the Jisc Community and link it to your organisation.
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Jisc Certificate Service Jisc is able to provide subscribers of the Certificate Service with a range of server and S/MIME email certificates issued by QuoVadis CA. ----- All certificates issued are SHA-256. ----- 1. QuoVadis Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate - recommended by Jisc for high profile web services
Important notice: The new and improved Certificate Service is now accessible from this website from the 'App Centre' here. Details of how to join the Jisc Certificate Service can be found here: Joining Instructions
PB/INFO/069 Most users know vaguely that web addresses beginning http:// and https:// are different. An https:// web site (‘secure HTTP’) provides users with some protection against some types ofInternet threat (though both server and client computers have to do more work):