Radvision XT5000

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Manufacturer: RADVISION, an Avaya company    

Model: XT5000

Software Version:

Optional Features and modifications: Nine Site Multipoint Conference Unit (MCU) 12 Mbit/s Extended IP

Date of Test: 3rd – 7th December 2012

The Radvision XT5000 high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either permanently in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll-about unit.

The basic system supports two HD channels: The main channel at 1920 x 1080 pixels /50fps (default for UK users) and the presentation channel at 1920 x 1080 /60fps. The main channel frame rate may be increased to 60fps via the configuration menu. A high definition (HD) camera, a table microphone pod, an infra-red remote control and PC connectivity completes the package.