Accessibility Statement for eduroam Visitor Access (eVA) portal

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Created: 09/09/2020

Last Reviewed: 24/09/2020

This statement applies to web site which is the management portal for subscriber organisations to the Jisc eduroam Visitor Access service.

Exemption from accessibility regulations

Based on the guidance published by HM Govt at we believe that the portal falls under the category of things that “Your team does not need to fix... because they’re exempt from the accessibility regulations: third party content that’s under someone else’s control if you did not pay for it or develop it yourself”.

The eVA portal was not developed by Jisc nor was it developed under contract for Jisc. It was independently developed by and is wholly under the control of a third party. Our contract with the supplier and operator of the portal specifically excludes contractual obligations on the part of the supplier to modify or further develop the portal in reponse to requests by Jisc for such development.

Therefore we believe that the eVA portal is exempt from requirements to comply with UK accessibility regulations.

Nevertheless we are hopeful that in the future the eVA portal will include an Accessibility Statement, which will include an accessibility assessment and that we will be able to encourage our supplier to comply with UK/EU standards for public sector organisations.

How accessible this website is

It is likely that some parts of the website are not fully accessible.

How to request content in an accessible format - feedback and contact information

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