Where can I use eduroam worldwide?

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For full details of the eduroam service available at a particular organisation overseas you need to visit the web site of the organisation. Click on the relevant link below and from the country name on the map (Europe) or the list of NRENs below the map (Asia-Pacific), navigate to the national NREN eduroam site and from thence to their maps and links to the places you plan to visit. In the case of Canada, the link takes to you the Canadian eduroam map page - follow 'eduroam at xxx' links from the lollipops to take you directly to the institutions' web sites.
The European eduroam locations map is a zoomable Google-maps view of Europe. You can zoom in to particular countries and specific organisations and obtain the basic address and connectivity information.
  • eduroam Europe web site
  • eduroam Asia-Pacific web site
  • eduroam Canada locations map
  • eduroam European locations map
  • eduroam worldwide locations map