What are my responsibilities as eduroam sys admin?

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Lead eduroam system administrator

In order to facilitate resolution of serious and urgent technical problems and abuse issues, all organisations participating in eduroam(UK) must provide e-mail and (normal business hours) telephone contact details for the lead eduroam system administrator at the organisation. This is the individual who will be trusted with the credentials to access the eduroam(UK) Support server portal. The lead eduroam system administrator for your organisation in the first instance is defined on the eduroam(UK) membership application form.

Service and security advisories recipient

eduroam(UK) may from time to time need to send service and security advisories to participating organisations. A 'Primary User' e-mail address must be provided which, at your discretion, may or may not be the same as the lead eduroam system administrator.  Nb. For receiving service alerts and advisories many organisations prefer to provide service desk contact details for the 'Primary User'. This is perfectly acceptable since this ensures that important notices receive appropriate attention at member organisations. The Primary User in the first instance is defined on the eduroam(UK) membership application form.

Adding further contacts for your organisation

You can use your Support server account to add further (Janet CDF-registered) technical contacts for your organisation. (If the new contacts are not registered in the main Janet CDF database, JSD can do this for you, then you will be able to add the details to Support). It is useful to have additional technical contacts registered in eduroam(UK) Support since certain support issues can only be discussed with trusted, registered contacts.

Adding a new contact. Click on 'Home' on the top menu bar and from the left hand menu panel click on 'my account'. Then click on the 'edit' tab and select 'Contact information'. Enter the contact details into the 'Secondary contacts' box and click Submit. 

Change of Primary user (for receipt of alerts)

A further reason to add additional contacts is to enable a change of Primary User. Once additional contacts have been registered the new contacts will appear after a short delay on the drop down list on your main eduroam(UK) configuration page. You can select the required user and click 'Update user'.

Encryption of e-mail facility

Nb. If you wish encrypted e-mails to be sent to you by the support team, you can provide your GPG key identity using the box at the bottom of the panel.

Leaving your organisation/changing roles

If a change of lead eduroam sys admin takes place at your organisation, you or your eduroam Management contact should advise JSD (and hence eduroam(UK) of the change. This allows us to update our records and to invite the new sys admin to benefit from a re-induction with the eduroam(UK) tech team. You may also wish to do a formal hand over of account details etc to the new person.

New eduroam sys admins

If you are coming newly into the above role, eduroam(UK) Support server credentials should have been passed to you along with a hand over covering the features and capabilities of the Support server. If you would like a refresher or re-induction to the service, which will cover Support server, please request this via the Janet Service Desk.

eduroam system admin responsibilties

As eduroam sys admin for your organisation, your responsibilities include:

Keeping eduroam Support up to date - (follow link to Implementation Roadmap and scroll down to section 21)

Maintaining RADIUS logging - (follow link to Implementation Roadmap and scroll down to section 16)

Monitoring operational status of your ORPS - (follow link to Implementation Roadmap and scroll down to section 17)

Keeping in contact with the eduroam sys admin community

You may find it beneficial to subscribe to the ‘janet-roaming@jiscmail.ac.uk’ discussion list. Whilst it is not overly active, many of our community find this useful.