Reporting abuse originating from Janet

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Which IP addresses are Janet?

If you can identify from routing information the Autonomous System number of the IP address concerned, Janet is AS786 and this is a clear indication that we are responsible. Otherwise, almost all Janet addresses are recorded in the RIPE Regional Internet Registry, with routes or other information linking them to Janet.

  • Web lookup at
  • or if you have a whois program: whois -h <IP address>.

Which domains are Janet?

There is no simple way to tell, but almost all domains within and all domains in belong to Janet-connected organisations.

What to include in your report

Please include as much as possible of the following:

  • source IP address in Janet
  • destination IP address (yours)
  • destination TCP or UDP port (unless it is obvious, eg for Web or email abuse)
  • date and time when the abuse started and finished (include your timezone and check whether your system clock was accurate at the time)
  • number of events (packets, addresses scanned, mail messages, connection attempts etc)
  • brief statement of the problem
  • any original log or trace information (for email abuse include the complete message header)
  • any other information you think may be helpful.

Often a good sample of log information or a complete email message header is all that is needed. Please do not send:

  • RIPE or other whois information for the Janet IP address (we already know that)
  • traceroute information for the Janet IP address
  • actual or implied threats
  • blocks of standard text conveying no information (often added by automated reporting scripts).

It is easiest for us if your email report is in plain text without HTML or attachments.

Our working language is English.

Where to send your report

If possible please send email to Jisc CSIRT at
For other ways to contact Jisc CSIRT see Contact CSIRT.

What happens next

Jisc CSIRT will examine your report and send you an acknowledgment. If you need to reply or to send us any update, please leave the ticket reference unchanged in the Subject.

If it appears that a Janet organisation should take action to stop the abuse you report, we will work with them as necessary. Normally we will not report to you on the progress of that work, but if the abuse continues or you are uncertain what is going on you are welcome to write to us again, using the ticket number we sent earlier.