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Janet Policies

All sites connecting to Janet are required to abide by three policies that set out the rules for access to, use and protection of the network. These policies are set by JISC, who fund the network. The latest versions of these policies can be found through the Janet web site.

Janet Acceptable Use Policy:

Janet Security Policy:

Janet Connections Policy:

Legal Resources

Janet has a web page that summarises legislation that applies to computer and network operations and incident response. This also has links to the network policies and to a collection of site policies:

Much more detailed information and articles on developments in UK legislation and case law is provided by J-LIS:

Incident Response Resources

CSIRT Handbook

The Handbook for Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) , published by CERT®/CC in 1998 addresses most of the issues concerned with establishing and operating a CSIRT. The Handbook is currently being updated and  a collection of supporting information is being published:

CSIRT Working Groups

Two groups provide a meeting place for teams to exchange computer security information and develop new ideas. Both have projects to develop materials to help improve practice in the fields of incident response and security. The Trans-European Research and Education Network (TERENA) Task Force on the collaboration of Incident Response Teams (TF-CSIRT) is a Task Force established by TERENA to cover CSIRT activities in Europe:

The second group, the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is a membership organisation that enables teams to work together internationally:

CSIRT Training

One of the projects of TF-CSIRT is to develop training materials for new CSIRTs and for new members of existing CSIRTs. A two-day training course was developed by members of the Task Force and the European Commission have provided funding for the Training of Network Security Incident Teams Staff (TRANSITS) project to maintain the materials and hold courses for a European audience.

Janet arranges courses, using the TRANSITS materials, for Janet audiences according to demand.

TRANSITS project:

Janet events information:

The CERT®/CC runs longer courses on incident handling and CSIRT management which are delivered at various locations in the USA and Europe:


Tools used by incident response teams may be found on the Clearing House for Incident Handling Tools (CHIHT) web site developed by TF-CSIRT: