Ownership and maintenance of Jisc owned equipment

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Jisc owned equipment held on customer sites

Jisc deploys equipment to support a number of services including:

  • Janet IP Connection – Network Termination Equipment (NTE)
  • Managed Router Service – a router
  • Managed Firewall Service – a firewall

This equipment can be generally referred to as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The ‘Reasonable Care’ requirements below must be adhered to for all CPE provided under Jisc Connectivity services.

Customer premises equipment as part of the Managed Router Service

Some Jisc members and customers own the CPE that connects their LAN to the Janet network access infrastructure. In this case they are responsible for the management and configuration of this CPE for maintenance arrangements.

There are, however, a large number of FE colleges whose router, delivering their Managed Router Service, was supplied and is owned by Jisc. In these circumstances the router is covered by a Jisc's maintenance contract.

Router maintenance includes both hardware and software support. The manufacturer periodically releases newer OS images with bug fixes and/or new features. Upgrading a router's software should result in improved system performance and reliability.

Our ‘Reasonable Care’ requirement for customer premises equipment owned by Jisc

Whilst using Jisc services, that require hosting of equipment on your site, Jisc requires you to take reasonable care of this equiptment.

These requirements include:

  • Your organisation must not make any changes to the CPE without authorization from Jisc
  • Your organisation must not sell or otherwise permanently give the CPE to anyone else without written consent from Jisc
  • Your organisation must ensure the CPE is not in a location where other workers, students, customers or visitors may be exposed to risk
  • Your organisation must ensure locate the CPE in a secure room with controlled access. Access to this room should be authorized by a senior member of staff and all access requests recorded
  • Your organisation must  not let unauthorized people access the CPE or location the equipment is stored in
  • Your organisation should ensure where possible all CPE should be installed in a locked network cabinet
  • Your organisation must ensure that the CPE is located away from any hazards that may cause damage to electrical equipment, in particular your organisation should  install all equipment off the floor in an elevated position, and ideally not below any water or waste pipes
  • Your organisation should ensure that all CPE is clearly marked to show the function - consider labelling it with the
    Jisc Service Desk contact information:

                  This equipment is owned by Jisc and is provided as part of the [service name]

                  Telephone:  0300 300 2212    07:00 - 00:00 (Monday - Friday).