Joining the Network Time Service

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A Janet organisation wishing to use the service must complete and submit an on-line application form

Once the application has been received, it will have to be approved and the applicant will be notified of the result within five working days.


* If your local NTP server has a private IP address, and is behind a firewall or proxy, please provide the public IP address at which your server will appear to be located, and its corresponding fully qualified domain name. Normally this will be the IP address of the firewall or proxy.

The contact name is especially important. In the event of any problem, the Janet Applied Network Services Group (ANSG) may wish to contact this person, so the information in this field should be kept current. The mail-alias "" is recommended (as well as a real name).

When the information changes, updates should be sent immediately to the Janet Service Desk. Please indicate in the mail message that it contains an update to the existing details.