How does an individual sign up to use the service?

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Individuals who are associated with an eduroam(UK) member organisation are not required to register with eduroam(UK) to use the service - normally, if you have an account to access the network at your organisation, you will be able to use your username and password to connect via any eduroam service. (Nb. Some organisations may limit eduroam authentication to particular member groups).

Please also note that your device must be correctly set up to use eduroam. Your organisation's eduroam information web page will either provide instructions or will include a link to an installer utility which will automatically setup your device.

To find your organisation's eduroam information web page, follow the links on: Where you can eduroam in the UK.

Remember to 'forget' (ie delete!) the eduroam profile when you leave your organisation, sadly eduroam authentication won't work when your home organisation account is removed. Mac users - you will need to be in an eduroam hotzone in order for the Mac OS to reveal the eduroam profile and give you the option to forget it!

Individuals who are associated with organisations that are NOT participating in eduroam(UK) alas cannot join the service or register as individual members. You must continue to request guest (possibly guest eduroam) accounts, for each visit to Janet-connected organisations or use public access services provided at the organisations (e.g. coffee shop hotzone or campus 'cloud' services). Provision of guest account and public access services is entirely at the discretion of the organisation.