Copyright infringement notices

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As the listed abuse contact for much of the IP address space in use on Janet, Janet CSIRT receives many copyright infringement reports on behalf of the Janet community. Janet CSIRT is not able to identify individual users or machines on its customer organisations’ networks, so the most effective way to deal with these complaints of unacceptable use of the network is to forward them to the responsible customer organisation. Those organisations are required by the Janet AUP to deal effectively with complaints. Due to the large number of reports received daily by CSIRT, action has been taken to streamline our work flow for these reports, allowing them to be forwarded more quickly and leaving the team more time to handle more serious and involved incidents.

  • If a copyright infringement report is received, it will normally be forwarded within the next hour, unless it was received outside of normal service hours, then it will be forwarded within the first two hours of the next normal service period. The reports are initially forwarded to the security contact using a script.
  • It is expected that you will follow up this report with the complainant. All that Janet CSIRT normally require in response is an acknowledgment of the report, and if appropriate the incident will be immediately closed with no further communications.  An automatic response can be appropriate in some circumstances. All responses will be read by a team member, who will be able to offer you assistance as with any other incident.
  • If Janet CSIRT do not receive a timely acknowledgment of the report from you, then a team member will send a reminder and eventually escalation of the incident may be required.
  • If it is felt that this process is not working, or if we have any cause for concern then the report will instead be handled with the normal incident handling work flow

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvements to this work flow then please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to provide comparative statistics on the numbers of reports your organization receives to help you understand these issues

For more information on the practicalities of investigating this reports once they are received, please see the Janet Factsheet on Investigating Copyright Complaints.