Connecting student accommodation

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Organisations with a primary connection may directly connect their student accommodation to the campus network to provide access to Janet if they wish. This is a normal use of Janet and does not require any further licence or consideration by Janet(UK) so long as the Janet terms and conditions, Acceptable Use Policy and the Security Policy are observed.

If a third party runs student accommodation on behalf of one or more organisations with a primary connection and wishes to connect that accommodation directly to Janet, the contractual arrangements described here must be followed.

  • The student accommodation provider starts the process by applying to Janet(UK) for a licence using the application form.
  • Janet(UK) staff discuss the details with the applicant and provide a quotation for the charges.
  • If the applicant accepts the charges, Janet(UK) will send a binding letter to the applicant which must be signed and returned to Janet(UK). This letter binds the applicant to the contract.
  • The applicant ensures that each primary organisation housing students in the third party’s accommodation submits a confirmation letter confirming their support for the issue of a licence.
  • The work will then take place to provide Janet access.

In outline, the contract covers the following main areas:

  1. The contract grants a right for a third party to provide access to Janet for “permitted users”. In return for this right, a charge will be made as detailed below. “permitted users” are persons who are entitled to use Janet under the auspices of an organisation that is already connected to Janet (including but not limited to students, staff and visiting researchers/academics). The connection may not be used by members of the public who have no connection with the organisation.
  2. Janet(UK) will provide a connection to Janet at the relevant tariff plus the cost (if any) of the telecommunications circuit. In general we expect the third party to make arrangements for the provision of its own telecommunications circuit to the designated Janet access point.
  3. The connectivity to Janet may be used (within the bounds of the Acceptable Use Policy and the Janet terms and conditions) only for:
    o supporting bona fide permitted users whilst at the student accommodation;
    o supporting bona fide activities of the university or college for whom the student accommodation is provided;
    o activities of the third party provider related only to the operation of the student accommodation.
  4. The third party must provide the permitted users access to the full range of Janet services.
  5. The contract will only be valid so long as the university or college involved is content with the arrangements, in particular the costs to students and the quality of the service. To achieve this, each university or college involved will be required to sign a simple pro-forma letter and send it to Janet(UK). If a particular student accommodation is used by more than one university or college then each one will need to authorise the activity if its students are to use the connection.
  6. The contract will be annually renewable (this will be an automatic activity unless notice is given from either side). There is no need for universities and colleges to renew the letter of support, however if they withdraw their support for the use of the contract then Janet(UK) must be informed.