Assignment of IP address space

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Janet customers in the process of connecting to the network apply for IP addresses using the web-based JCUR. FE and specialist colleges and PCDL centres may enlist the help of their JISC RSC in completing the form.

Existing customers who wish to request additional address space should contact the Janet Service Desk for advice.

FE and specialist colleges and PCDL centres should consult their JISC RSC before applying for additional IP addresses.

Organisations wishing to use IPv6 address space for either experimental or production traffic can also contact the Janet Service Desk for login details for the web-based request form.  The current policy allows a /48 prefix to be assigned per organisation without requiring any justification.  Organisations that request a prefix greater than a /48 will need to provide suitable justification to illustrate their intended use of the address space.  All IPv6 address space for the Janet network is assigned from within the 2001:0630::/32 prefix.

Returning IP Addresses

IP addresses assigned by Janet belong to the network, not the customer and cannot be routed across a network run by another ISP. The addresses must therefore be returned to Janet if an organisation decides to leave the network or has redundant address space. Organisations with a Primary Connection that enter into sponsoring arrangements with third party organisations must not use part of their address space for the sponsored site. Address space for this purpose will be assigned separately. All enquiries about returning address space should be addressed to Janet Service Desk .