Technical guides

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  • Secure Virtual Private Networks - Dr John Graham's guide has now been updated in collaboration with Matthew Cook and is recommended as essential reading for anyone contemplating setting up VPN inter-site or remote access systems.
  • Firewall Implementation at Janet-connected Organisations - a comprehensive guide to firewalls and ranges from an introduction to firewalls and present-day threats to specific details of advanced implementations and a review of the various techniques that can be employed. Open source software is reviewed together with an overview of the various offerings from Cisco.
  • Different Flavours of VPN: Technology and Applications - a paper by Victor Olifer published March 2007 discussing VPNs from a Janet perspective in the light of the recent VPN survey and implications for a possible central service and detailing the different types of VPN and VPN-enabling technologies; IPSec/SSL encryption, GRE/L2TP tunnelling, policy-based, MPLS and switched SDH/DWDM optical networks.