Question: Why is formatting different on IE and Firefox browser?

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Hi, please can you advise whether there is a reason for the format appearing differently on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox? I see one column of text on IE, and two columns of text on Mozilla.

Aporeciate your advice. Thank you


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately this is due to the limitations of web design! Different browsers (and versions) have different capabilities. Firefox, Chrome and Safari all support the CSS property of column-count, meaning we can use styling to render the page with two columns (this is the ideal solution). Unfortunately, older browsers, and specifically IE for versions 9 and below, don't always support the latest developments in web technologies, and as such will ignore properties it doesn't recognise. In this case, this means ignoring the columns and displaying everything in one column. (The upcoming IE10 DOES support column count.)

For optimum viewing of all of the Janet websites, we strongly recommend using an up-to-date version of either Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

I hope this helps for you.