Question: What is your IPv4 space worth?

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Hi everyone.

Just a general question which I would like to get some input on if you can spare a minute.

Assuming your institution has a sizeable public IPv4 address space and given the fact this has now become a valuable commodity (due to the exhaustion of said circa 2015):

Have you every thought of the worth of this asset and considered the potential of selling it; assuming you could live with a much smaller block of public address space ?

Since the allocation of our (class B) public space pre-dates my time in my position I do not have accurate information on how it was originally obtained and the ownership state of it.

I would be interested to hear from someone as JISM who might be able to offer up an opinion on the potential transfer of existing public address spaces in current use by members.

Also I would be interested in hearing from other members of this community who might have some input into this topic.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Simon (UEL).