Question: Networkshop41 Conference Programme

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I seem to be having difficulty in seeing the conference programme for any day but the Tuesday. Selecting a different day makes no difference to the content displayed. I have tested with IE8 and an admittedly old version of Firefox but all to the same effect.

Any hints or tips? Or is it just broken?


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The same happens for me. I think the draft programme has only very recently gone on the website, so I imagine this is either 'teething problems', or Wednesday and Thursday simply haven't been uploaded yet.

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Hi Michael and Neil,

Sorry you are unable to view the programme page. I have discovered that the problem is caused by caching on that page preventing older browsers from showing the correct programme day when a different day is selected from the drop-down list. I have rectified this problem now and you should be able to view the full programme from 3pm this afternoon, when we will be flushing some additional caches we have on the server so that the changes I have made will take effect.

Please let me know if this does not help and the problem persists after 3pm, and I will ensure it is fixed as soon as possible.