Question: 802.11U supported devices

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Can any body please tell me any client devices(mobile,laptop or tablet) which are capable of 802.11U protocol....????
If any body having any design guide for 802.11U protocol on client side please let me know...?

Thank you,


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I believe the Samsung Galaxy SIII is passpoint certified ( . However when I was looking at one the other day I couldn't figure out where the settings where (so I wouldn't rush out and buy one without checking it out).

If you download the latest build of wpa_supplicant from git (the development version;a=summary) it has some 802.11u support.

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Hai Scott,
Thanks for your Reply and information.
Yeah it seems to be right.

I need to implement 802.11U support on client side for windows OS.
Please let know any support documents for implementation of 802.11U

I have downloaded source for WPA_Supplicant, It seems to be supports for 802.11U. because i am able to see quieres going doe ANQP in interworking.c and gas.c source files.

I am new to WPA_SUPPLICANT can you please explain what is wpa_supplicant....? it seems to be connection manager I am right?


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wpa_supplicant is the wireless supplicant (connection manager) in use in most linux distributions.

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thanks scott...I am going through the source code...for WPA_SUPPLICANT which has support for 802.11U.
It seems still driver is not supported for 802.11U.
if u know any info regarding 802.11U implementation on driver side please let me know.
Thanks in Advance.