DNSWL.org in Janet

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DNSWL.org in Janet

Janet subscribes to a DNS allow lists with dnswl.org on behalf of the Janet community, and allows access to this allow lists to all organisations with a Janet connection.

The details of the allow lists can be found at:


How to use the Janet Allow lists

The allow lists are now available on the Janet DNSBL servers as:

The lists are also available on our servers under their original names:-

  • swl.spamhaus.org
  • dwl.spamhaus.org
  • list.dnswl.org

If you have externally updated software that uses the lists under their original names you can still point the queries to the Janet servers, but you would need to configure your resolvers to forward the queries for these domains to our nameservers. If you need to do this, you MUST check periodically that the list of forwarders you are using is still correct.

To access the Janet mirrors of dnswl.org and/or SWL and DWL, you should put static forwarding in your nameservers to forward all queries for the lists to the Janet nameservers as detialed below:

  • ns0.mail-abuse.ja.net.
  • ns1.mail-abuse.ja.net.
  • ns2.mail-abuse.ja.net.
  • ns3.mail-abuse.ja.net.

The current list of nameservers can be obtained at any time by querying the addresses of ns.mail-abuse.ja.net. Janet will ensure that ns.mail-abuse.ja.net always has an up to date list of the nameservers serving the DNSWL mirrors it offers.

For sites using IPv6, you may also forward to the IPv6  addresses if preferred. Query ns.dnsbl.ja.net for AAAA records to get the list.

Conditions of Use

Eligibility and charges

There is no charge to orgainisations with with a Janet connection for the use of the Janet DNSWL.org, SWL and DWL feeds.

As part of our agreement with dnswl.org, we will process queries made to the DNSWL lists, and provide feedback on the addresses queried. The statistics provided will not contain any information about sites making queries to the zones, only the addresses looked up and the number of times each address was looked up will be reported.

Access control

To ensure that Janet resources remian available to Janet organisations, the zones are served by dedicated nameservers, configured to respond only to queries which come from within Janet.

The Janet DNSBL servers will not permit queries from open resolvers. If your resolver is open and allows general servers on the Internet to query records that you are not responsible for, your access will be blocked after a week or two, and will remain blocked until your server is secured. Some of the lists we serve require us to enforce this restriction to prevent their data leaking to people who are not authorised to receive it.