Appendix A: checklist of support activities

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Service Definitions

  • Grid Service Providers
    • ensure that technical and support services offered are defined and available to users, along with any service level definitions
    • define who may use the Grid service, and document the process for gaining authorisation (and authentication credentials if required)
    • define technical and network requirements to use the Grid service
    • define acceptable use and other policies for the Grid and make these available, as far as possible, to all authorised users
    • ensure that appropriate records of use are kept (subject to the Data Protection Act 1998) to support investigations of misuse
    • define responsibilities of all parties to prevent misuse and to assist in investigations (particularly if virtual organisations are allowed to authorise their members)
    • define circumstances where authorisation to use the service may be withdrawn, and ensure that organisational and technical processes exist to enable this to be done promptly.
  • Organisations with Grid users
    • ensure that Policies of the Grid services used are known and supported
    • ensure that local Policies and processes allow responsibilities required of Grid users’ organisations to be satisfied.

Network Support

  • Network Design
    • establish processes to identify and monitor network requirements of Grid applications
    • based on risk assessment, identify appropriate technical solutions to support Grid use while maintaining appropriate performance and security for Grid and other applications
    • incorporate Grid requirements into network design and provision.
  • Network Performance
    • review network provision to Grid workstations and servers, and improve components or design if necessary
    • deploy processes, tools and expertise to diagnose performance and functional problems.

System Support

  • Server Support
    • assign responsibilities and authorities and provide necessary effort to operate servers securely
    • configure and maintain Grid servers: operating system, network services, Grid services, applications
    • consider software and configuration management systems
    • plan and provide for user authentication and identification
    • provide file management systems
    • assign responsibilities and document process for incident response.
  • Workstation Support
    • if necessary, implement software management practices as for servers
    • implement secure authentication methods that allow users to access grids from necessary locations without the risk of unauthorised access
    • educate users on safe use of authentication tokens.

User and Application Support

  • Promote Grid Use
    • work with IT Service to ensure Grid and network requirements are both satisfied
    • assign liaison staff to work with potential users
    • identify appropriate technologies/applications for Grid services.
  • Support Early Adopters
    • discuss requirements of early adopter projects
    • help early adopters to transfer their applications to the Grid service (e.g. software modifications, client requirements).
  • Support Development of Grid Service
    • identify standard application services of benefit to multiple users
    • monitor service use and adapt service to suit user requirements.