4. Optional Settings

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Optional settings are available for either Booked or Launched videoconferences. As shown in Figure 1, these settings can be accessed when you get to step 3 of 3 on the booking form.

The Optional Settings section allows you to choose a conference screen layout, select recording (if that feature is enabled for your organisation), stream your conference, etc.

Figure 1: Optional settings section seen in step 3 of 3

4.1. Conference Layout

A screen layout can be selected so that it suits the number of participants in your conference. For example if you have 4 participant sites, you can choose one of the five possible screen layouts. Figures 2 and 2a are part of the same page, with Figure 2a showing lecture mode.

Figure 2: ‘Conference Layout'

Figure 2a: Screen Layout - lecture mode

Once changes have been made, click on Update layout to add the selected changes to the conference.

4.2. Recording

The next item shown in the optional settings area is Recording.

By clicking on this option, and if your organisation has the recording feature enabled, you will see a screen similar to that shown in Figure 3. You can find more information about the recording feature by visiting the Janet video conference recording library page.

Figure 3: Recording options


4.3. Conference Managers

The next item in the optional settings area is Conference managers. Clicking on this option lets you see the list of people who can manage your conference, as well as add new managers (see figure 4). You can add managers and they can manage your live conference so that the conference time can be extended if required or volume levels for individual participant sites can be controlled. Thumbnail images of the participants can be seen also so that the conference manager can see at a glance which sites are connected.

When you have added your managers, select Update managers.

Figure 4: conference managers

4.4. Interface Options

The next item in the Optional Settings area is Interface Options. Clicking on this option will show the screen shot as seen in Figure 5.

Changes should only be done by those who are familiar with each CODEC at each venue. Do not change the interface option unless a change has been agreed in advance. Options for each venue appear in a drop­ down list after the venue details. Clicking on Update interface options will add the selected changes to the booking.

Figure 5: Interface Options

4.5. Streaming and other Conference Options

At the bottom of the Optional Settings area is Streaming and other conference options. Clicking on this option will show the screen shot as seen in Figure 6.

If you wish, your  live conference can be streamed to a maximum of 25 separate receivers. You can choose to use high definition (HD) if required. Tick the relevant boxes for the required options.

Figure 6: Streaming and other conference options

4.6. Optional Information for attendees or support staff

This is a text box which may be used to submit any information which should be given to the Janet Videoconferencing Operations staff prior to them configuring this conference, or information to be sent out to the venue administrators in the booking summary e­ mail. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act, personal information should not be included.

Clicking on the Complete Conference Booking button will complete the booking.