14. Additional tasks

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Users are able to search a number of lists for venue, group and user information. To find the information, users need to click on the relevant link within the Additional tasks section and then use the browser search options to find specific entries. This is done either through the browser’s menus, or usually by holding down the Ctrl key and hitting the F key on the keyboard.

  • List Organisations: displays organisations currently registered for videoconferencing including its details and the venues available within it
  • List venues: shows venue details, availability and technical data
  • List groups: shows group details and the venues it uses
  • List users: displays registered users and their contact e­mail addresses
  • List sectors: displays venues by sector (Schools, HE, FE, Research Council, Public Sector, Content Providers and NHS)
  • List ISDN invoicing account owners: displays account information for users who have an ISDN billing account for their organisation
  • ISDN call charges: shows the cost per minute/per line for an ISDN call both nationally and internationally. Note: at least 2 lines are required for an ISDN call.