Idea: Ransomware protection training

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Ransomware is the prevalent online threat these days. Not only individual users but businesses of all types and sizes sufferer from ransomware viruses like the one described here
Cybercriminals target hospitals, universities, police departments, and demand more and more ransom payments.
Cyber crooks drop all other criminal activities like DDoS, Credit Card fraud, etc, and start spreading ransomware as this is the most profitable hacker online business.

These days, hackers go after all types of computer platforms. Windows users are not the only victims as for example, Mac ransomware strains become more and more popular.

Ransomware is very profitable as victims pay. We need to cut these monetary flows and make it unprofitable.
There are many ways to protect from ransomware, some are described here:
It is really high time to implement mass anti-ransomware training.