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We have created the following short video tutorials to assist users' transition to the new system.

How to:

1. Register/Sign up to Vscene

2. Launch/Schedule a conference

3. Add a videoconference system

4. Manage a (live) conference

5. Record / stream a conference

6. Use a meeting room

7. Add a guest to any conference

To add a guest follow the instructions below ('How to' video coming soon):

  1. On the 'Start or schedule a conference' page type the name or email address of the guest into the left participant box ('unknown' or 'guest 1' will do if you don't know their name).
  2. In the right hand box search for the name of the VC system. You can search from any of the shared systems on Vscene. The system should pop up if you type in part of the name but you can also choose 'Advanced search'.
  3. If you do not want to use a registered system then choose '+ Use Guest Video System', or just enter a dial-out IP/ISDN/e.164/ address, or even a telephone number in the right hand box. This will present you with a pop-up window about your guest.
  4. To use a guest video system you will need to provide an email address for your guest. We may need to send them dial-in details or a URL.
  5. From the drop down menu choose the guest system type.
  6. If you have provided an address for the guest please help us to identify if it is ISDN/telephone/IP/SIP/ e.164.
  7. Click 'Add guest'.

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