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Here is a list of the current Janet Content Providers - please contact the Content Provider directly to book a session.

Bedfordshire Archives

Bedfordshire Archives provides free video-conferencing sessions for all schools.

Meet the archivist sessions give pupils the opportunity to talk to an archivist and find out more about archives; what they are, how they are looked after and what they can tell us about the past.

Each session is carefully tailored to meet the needs and abilities of primary or secondary pupils and is supported with materials to use in the classroom.

For more information please contact Clare Davison.

Tel: 01234 276023 ext: 44023



Tel: 020 7323 8181
Subjects: Communication, History

Roman Britain treasure challenge video conference

Connect to the Museum from your classroom to solve exciting challenges about archaeological treasure finds from Roman Britain. Students work through the real challenges faced by professional archaeologists, scientists and museum staff and learn what happens when someone discovers treasure.

More details including how to book available at this link:

To book, your school must have prior experience with video conferencing on the Janet network and you must provide contact details for a technical liaison at school.

Session lasts 90 minutes.

Free, booking essential. To book call +44 (0)20 7323 8181

Cancellation and no-show charges apply.

Maximum group size: 30

Age: Key Stage 2 – Years 5 & 6

Subject: English, PE
Key Stages 2 and 3
Session lasts 50 minutes
Cost: £100
Dan Freedman, best selling children's football author, is offering a Big Talk with Q&A. During this time he would cover his journey from being a reluctant reader but massive football fan, to becoming a football journalist and travelling to two World Cups as a part of the official England Team set up.
He would then discuss the process of writing the Jamie Johnson football novels, how many drafts it takes to get something right, getting the books published and why he loves being an author.
He is also happy to talk about his journalism and broadcasting work in TV, film and radio and as part of the video conference he would show a DVD of some of his interviews with Beckham, Gerrard, Rooney etc, which really gets the children going! The importance of a competitive spirit is a subject that can be discussed here - especially when he shows footage of him having a game of pool with Rio Ferdinand. He also has a Jamie Johnson film to show, which goes to the heart of the spirit of the stories he writes and helps to bring them to life.
It's good fun and gets all the pupils involved and enthused. He asks for as many questions as possible and the pupil with the best question will be entered into a monthly competition with a prize of three signed books of their choice! At the end of the session he will also do a reading, which ends on a cliff-hanger that could be used to stimulate a writing exercise afterwards.
Watch Dan's video to see what's in store!

James MacDiarmid - the Australian outback comes to your classroom!

James is a pioneer, adventurer, naturalist, Churchill Fellow finalist and university multi-qualified educator who brings the natural world to life!
He can connect to your classroom from remote locations teeming with nature, provide profession-ally shot cinematic provocations in the way of film; all with the support of an interactive videoconference session or two, or as many as you want.
He is our latest Content provider to connect with schools using VC. His sessions cover Key stages 1-3 and are open to schools connected to the Janet network.
As James is based in Australia please be conscious of the varying time differences throughout the year.

Please see his website for more details.

Tel:01904 615 505

Tel: 01924 848 806
Subjects: English, History
Key stage 2
The National Coal Mining Museum for England offers pupils a unique opportunity to see and feel at first hand what life was like at the coalface and to find out about the communities that grew up around the industry.

For pupils who are too far away to visit the National Coal Mining Museum for England, or for teachers wishing to consolidate learning following a visit, a videoconference workshop is an exciting and interactive way for pupils to access the Museum’s resources and learn about coal mining. All videoconference sessions are free.


Tel: 0116 258 2111

Subjects: Science, Maths, Communication, Geography

Key stage 1, Key stage 2, Key stage 3, Key stage 4, Key stage 5

Have you ever wanted to take part in a space mission but are unable to make it to the National Space Centre? Why not take part from your own classroom via videoconference?

An e-Mission is a simulated mission delivered through live videoconferencing and data streams. Students work together to complete challenges and evacuate residents in danger using videoconferencing. Classrooms anywhere in the world can link up to the Mission Commander at the National Space Centre’s e-Mission Control.


Tel: 07771 888 573

Subjects: Citizenship, History
Key stage 2, Key stage 3, Key stage 4, Post Graduate
About Chris Lubbe

Chris is originally from Durban, South Africa where he spent most of his life involved in the struggle against 'apartheid'. His story is about the spirit of determination, courage and forgiveness in the face of blatant racial discrimination. He's had the privilege and honour of learning from great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and F W De Klerk. His story is a tribute to the human spirit and to the many thousands who have lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom in South Africa. He looks forward to sharing his story with you.

Tel: 0208 392 5365

Too far to Kew? Join us for a videoconference and we'll come to you. Our sessions are free, fun and interactive.

For more information on our sessions, please visit the National Archives website


Tel: 01234 362 200

Subjects: Career Related, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Philosophy, Economics, Biology, German

A2, AS, Keystage 5, Scottish Advanced Higher, Scottish Higher, Welsh Baccalaureate - A Level, Welsh Baccalaureate - AS Level.

Channel Talent is a live and interactive videoconferencing/webinar service which links universities and businesses to schools. Channel Talent beams university lecturers, WP and recruitment personnel, university students and apprentices into the school classroom. Groups from between 2 and 5 schools will be involved in each session depending on the type of event.

Previously called Virtually University, Channel Talent is a videoconferencing outreach initiative set up in 2004 by Bedford School with the University of Sheffield and the Sutton Trust. They run a wide variety of career based sessions, such as the 'Becoming' series, which enabled postgradute sutdents to interact with groups of school students who learnt what it was like to make a career choice of Rocket Scientist and Neurololgist.

There is no charge for any of the sessions.


VCfGL (  provide opportunities for students aged 7yr  – 18 yrs + to improve their modern foreign language proficiency levels through connecting with their peers via VC. We also provide classes via video conference from native speaking language teachers aimed to raise language levels, cultural, global awareness and internationalisation.

Schools looking for a partner school in France to connect through using IP connection via Vscene please register here for free.

Schools looking for classes from native speaking teachers in any MFL language, aimed to support any key stage level, please contact us for our customised courses aimed to improve students’ confidence in conversation, writing and reading in any MFL language of your choice.


Videoconferencing with Westminster Abbey Education Department

Thank you for your interest in videoconferencing with us.

We use the IOCOM Visimeet system for videoconferencing. It is free for schools to connect to our sessions and is hosted on the Janet network. For further information please see the website

If your school uses a videoconferencing system, either hardware or software, we can arrange a test. This might be an IP address to dial, for hardware systems, or for software systems, we can send a URL link to test.

You will need a screen, camera, microphone and speaker in order to participate in the videoconference. 

A member of the Education team will run the test link so that you will get the opportunity to test image quality and sound. If there is a problem during the test link or the actual videoconference, please call the Education Department 0207 654 4965 in the first instance.


British Board of Film Classification

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is the regulator for films and DVDs in the UK. It has an active education department who provide insight into how films are rated and why, through dedicated websites CBBFC (Children's BBFC) and SBBFC (Students' BBFC), school visits and in-house seminars.


Email contact

Tel: 020 7323 8181

Their first session will be on Thursday 30 January 2014.

It is entitled Treasure challenge video conference.

There are two sessions, from 10.30-12.00 pm and from 12.30 to 2.00 pm.

Advanced bookings are now being taken for this exciting event, which is designed for Key Stage 2 students. The students work through the real challenges faced by archeologists, scientists and museum staff.



DART EDUCATION is a newly established consultancy and publisher providing a range of education services for teachers, pupils and other education specialists in Devon, throughout the UK and internationally.

We specialise in:

  • Schools videoconferencing
  • Education consultancy
  • Multimedia production and publishing
  • Marketing, promotion and conference management

The company was established by Tim Arnold in March 2013.


Moving English Forward–CPD for teachers


Are you interested in finding out how video technology allows your school to connect up with another school that is miles away, enabling you to hear and see them?

Join Shafiq Latif, a member of the Janet Videoconferencing operational support team, as he gives a short presentation about how the technology behind your videoconference works.

This will be followed by a question and answer session and is suitable for Key Stage 2.


The JORVIK Viking Centre stands on the site of one of the most famous and astounding discoveries of modern archaeology. Between the years 1976-81 archaeologists from York Archaeological Trust revealed the houses, workshops and backyards of the Viking-Age city of Jorvik as it stood 1,000 years ago.

Wherever you are in the world, you can invite a Viking character into your classroom via videoconferencing. Spend 45 minutes with him or her; they will tell you about their lives, their homes, their journeys and their pastimes, and your pupils can ask them questions!


The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading orchestras.

An energetic and ground-breaking education and community programme, The LSO Discovery Programme at LSO St Lukes, is using videoconferencing and online technologies to bring musical experiences to schools and communities across the UK and abroad.


Whether you want a cost effective way to extend your curriculum, offer something more for your Gifted and Talented Programme or need specialist staff, We Teach could be for you. We are the leading provider of interactive distance learning videoconference courses in the UK. Our AS, A2 and GCSE courses are delivered via videoconferencing directly into the classroom and with our flexible approach we can work around your timetable.

Our courses are entire GCSEs, AS or A2 Level courses delivered over one or two years. A selection of our courses is displayed on this site.


Meteorology Learning (MetLearn) was formed in response to a growing demand from UK Primary schools for reliable, classroom-ready resources about weather, climate and climate change.

The aim is to

- feed every young child's thirst for knowledge

- inspire them to explore the world

- encourage learning with fun.


The World of Weather

All my weather-related conferences are tailored to provide fully interactive presentations, aimed at children across...

Key Stage: Key stage 1, Key stage 2

Subjects: Geography

Primary Videoconferencing at the Museum of London

Experience a Museum of London session without even leaving the classroom! We offer videoconference sessions for Key Stage 1 and 2. Each session allows pupils to interact with characters or educators from the Museum and investigate objects from our collection via a television screen or interactive whiteboard.


If you have not participated in a videoconference before:


The National Coal Mining Museum for England offers pupils a unique opportunity to see and feel at first hand what life was like at the coalface and to find out about the communities that grew up around the industry.

For pupils who are too far away to visit the National Coal Mining Museum for England, or for teachers wishing to consolidate learning following a visit, a videoconference workshop is an exciting and interactive way for pupils to access the Museum’s resources and learn about coal mining. All videoconference sessions are free.


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