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At the request of the Research Councils UK e-Infrastructure group, Janet established a working group from 2013-2016 to support those providing and using e-infrastructure services in achieving an approach that both protects services from threats and is usable by practitioners. More detail about the group can be found in the Terms of Reference

The Working Group published the following papers:

Information about the Working Group's activities, as well as discussion documents, links and recommendations is linked under the following categories. Unless marked otherwise, all items are works-in-progress and we very much welcome your comments and contributions.

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Andrew Cormack (WG Chair)


A growing challenge for on-line e-infrastructures is to manage an increasing number of user accounts, ensuring that accounts are only used by their intended users, that users can be held accountable for any misuse, and that accounts are disabled when users are no longer entitled to use them. Users face a similar challenge in managing multiple authentication credentials for different on-line services.


Some thoughts on the e-Infrastructure requirements for supporting Virtual

 A Virtual Organisation (VO) is one that intersects with multiple real
organisation.  It is comprised of users from multiple home
institutions. Many of which may be entirely unaware of the existence
of the VO at all.  This means that the Virtual Organisation needs to
be self-organising and must be provided with the tools to manage its
own membership.

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