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At the request of the Research Councils UK e-Infrastructure group, Janet established a working group from 2013-2016 to support those providing and using e-infrastructure services in achieving an approach that both protects services from threats and is usable by practitioners. More detail about the group can be found in the Terms of Reference The Working Group published the following papers: E-infrastructures: Access and Security (summary paper) (Jan 16) Federated Authentication for e-Infrastructures (Sep 14) Technical Security for e-Infrastructures (Nov 14) Authorisation/Group Management for e-Infrastructures (May 15) Policies for e-Infrastructures (Jan 16) Accounting and e-Infrastructures (Nov 16) Information about the Working Group's activities, as well as discussion documents, links and recommendations is linked under the following categories. Unless marked otherwise, all items are works-in-progress and we very much welcome your comments and contributions. Meetings   Presentations Case Studies Discussions Technologies References     Andrew Cormack (WG Chair)

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e-Infrastructures: Access and Security

20 January 2016 at 11:26am

This document provides an introduction to the work of the UK e-Infrastructure Security and Access Management Working Group and the papers it has published.

Members of the group are:

Stephen Booth, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

Peter Boyle, Edinburgh University

David Britton, Glasgow University

John Chapman, Jisc

Andrew Cormack, Jisc

Darren Hankinson, Manchester University

Josh Howlett, Jisc

Henry Hughes, Jisc

Jens Jensen, STFC

David Kelsey, STFC

Paul Kennedy, Nottingham University

Bridget Kenyon, UCL

Philip Kershaw, STFC

Steven Newhouse, EBI

Tommi Nyronen, CSC

Jeremy Olsen, Francis Crick Institute

Alan Real, Leeds University

Andrew Richards, Oxford University

David Salmon, Jisc

Jeremy Sharp, Jisc

Rhys Smith, Jisc

Melanie Wright, Essex University

Ioannis Xenarios, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics