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Several universities have approached Jisc over the past year regarding the potential for sending broadcast content between a university and a national broadcaster. This group is for all those who are interested in this area, and are likely to or have already started sending content to broadcasters.

Launch of broadcast hubs

22 October 2015 at 9:28am

The next development in a project to send content to broadcasters comes to fruition on 21 October when three ‘broadcast hubs’ will open up around the UK. Imperial College London, Loughborough University and Liverpool John Moores University have been working with us and Globelynx to provide a professional studio and the supporting technology to connect with the media at each location. These hubs will capitalise on their Janet network connection ensuring the highest quality sound and audio content can be guaranteed because of Janet’s low latency, reliability and speed. This will give the hubs – and other organisations including museums, hospital trusts, colleges and schools – the opportunity to promote their knowledge base, expertise and brand globally at low cost. Read more in our article and listen to our podcast, with Dr Rachel McLean from the Liverpool Screen School at Liverpool John Moores University and Professor Tom Jackson from Loughborough University, discussing how our project to establish broadcast hubs within UK institutions has enabled more and better quality interactions with the media.

Find out more about how this project has developed and what the BBC and Sky News have to say about it.