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16 September 2020 at 4:01pm

You may be aware of the launch by the government of CISP - the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership.

It's a web based environment in which various sector communities can come together to share information and collaborate on common threats and incidents. The focus is very much on operations and people who are in positions to take action to defend their organisations. There's a framework based on the Traffic Light Protocol for how far information can be shared.

I'm exploring it at the moment to see if it'd be a useful tool for the Janet community. If you are also interested in taking a look then more information is available at If you are interested in applying for an account please contact Janet CSIRTĀ for more information.


We may be interested in this. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the web link, can you give me more details?


I'm still a fairly new user of the system. When logged into the application it's very much styled as a social network for sharing security intelligence. There are various groups for different sectors and areas of technical interest, and a variety of controls that limit the extent to which information can be shared within groups and throught the site. So for instance - you could share some information that was accessible site-wide, or you could only share it within the "academia" group.

Behind the scenes CISP staff run a "fusion cell" that works to pick up and report on trends that they can see across the site. It'd probably be best to drop me an e-mail if you have specific questions -