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Cyber security has long been an area of activity for those providing, protecting and supporting services in research and education. For many years we have provided security products and services to help preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Janet network and everything on it. Over time the services we offer have evolved and grown to meet your changing needs and the different threats that we are all now seeing. 

This Group aims to provide updates and articles about Jisc's security products and services as well as providing relevant news items and links about areas of security that affect Jisc members.

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As many of you will know, just before Easter we hosted our annual Networkshop conference at the University of Manchester. In case you were – like me – unable to attend, this post contains a roundup of the security related presentations. Where available I have included links to slides and/or videos, but as you would expect, some of the discussions were closed sessions due to the content that was presented.

In the opening plenary, Steve Kennet (Jisc’s Head of network operations and Jisc Group SIRO) provided:


The Strategy and Plan for Jisc security products and services were published last year so we will shortly be updating them to reflect recent activities. The aim of the strategy is to help you address the technical aspects of cyber security (protecting systems, networks and information) and also to help change the attitudes and behaviours of your organisation and the users of your networks.


You might be interested to know that Jisc have the following security-related courses coming up this Summer.

Computers, privacy and the law

19 July - 3 August 2016 

This online course provides an introduction to the privacy and legal issues that arise when designing and operating shared computers, networks and services.