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Cyber security has long been an area of activity for those providing, protecting and supporting services in research and education. For many years we have provided security products and services to help preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Janet network and everything on it. Over time the services we offer have evolved and grown to meet your changing needs and the different threats that we are all now seeing.  This Group aims to provide updates and articles about Jisc's security products and services as well as providing relevant news items and links about areas of security that affect Jisc members.

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Jisc Cybersecurity Posture Survey 2017 - Research Findings

30 June 2017 at 12:02pm

Earlier this year we identified a need to better understand institutions’ security posture in light of the fast changing and increasingly critical area of cybersecurity. So for the past couple of months we have been running a survey to find out what more Jisc can do to help best support and protect institutions and the Janet network.

The survey had the following objectives:

  • Understand organisations’ current cybersecurity staffing provisions
  • Understand the budgets allocated by organisations to cybersecurity and any changes over time
  • Explore organisations’ perceptions of current protection levels and areas for improvement
  • Understand cybersecurity certifications, training, and current provision of services within organisations
  • Explore perceptions of future cybersecurity threats
  • Explore reactions to potential service areas and to Jisc providing products in these areas

We had an extremely useful number of responses with 95 in total - 65 from HE and research organisations and 30 from FE institutions covering 80 different establishments.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to respond.

A detailed summary of responses can be found at: and we are continuing to examine the raw data to help inform the Jisc security products and services strategy.