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This document has been kindly provided by Martin Van Eker at the University of Bristol Medical School as part of the NHS-HE Connectivity Best Practice Working Group. When Martin presented on the Weston-Super-Mare NHS initiative with eduroam at the May 2014 NHS-HE Forum he said he would be willing to provide a document that can be shared with others and tweaked and changed by the user to best fit their local situation.


Martin describes an innovative approach for extending the footprint of eduroam to an NHS Trust without a direct NHS Trust to University network link. Instead the University handle the authentication on behalf of the Trust and this can be done through the N3 Janet Gateway. The Trust provides the internet access for authenticated users. See related case study.


This case study describes a pilot implementation of eduroam at Weston General Hospital.

This is the first example of the eduroam footprint being extended to an NHS Trust without using a direct Trust to University network connection. Instead the authentication messages are initially channelled via the N3 Janet Gateway to the University of Bristol radius server which then handles further authentications on behalf of the NHS Trust. The NHS Trust provides the internet connectivity for the authenticated eduroam users.

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