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Information Governance Toolkit for Clinical Research and Education Departments Workshop

24 October 2013 at 3:16pm
Friday, March 8, 2013 - 10:00
Blenheim Terrace 1.16, Main University of Leeds Campus

This Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) workshop took place on Friday the 8th March 2013 at the University of Leeds.

It discussed the challenge to University Research or Education Groups, and potentially wider groupings such as Medical Faculties, of achieving the Information Governance Toolkit e.g to support s251 data requests or for access to NHS systems on N3.

I am grateful to Richard Corbridge at the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre for hosting this in Leeds and for Jessica Thomas for all the help in organising it.

Workshop Group Feedback:

Group 1: rapporteur Tito Castillo       video

Group 2: rapporteur Bridget Kenyon  video

Group 3: rapporteur Andy Pellow       video

E.g. Summary of Group 1 feedback:

  • Scope - challenge to define not just for IGT but security practice, open discussion on level to pitch - one project? service? department?
  • Time Involved - guessing at the moment, depends on where you are at the start, and attitude - tick box or learning process?
  • Relevance - do we really have to do this? Crept up on academia in recent years
  • Process & Guidance - if get to acceptance then lack of research relevant templates and examples
  • Culture we work within, at all levels. Governance within Universities a challenge but also there are external factors - individual researcher much more likely to be influence by the research funding body and their requirements
  • Challenges of buy-in at all levels & also acceptance that it needs to be done and is an ongoing process



As you will be aware the IGT is now going to be a requirement for s251 data requests, as well as for any kind of connectivity to NHS systems on N3. The need for a workshop was made clear at the last NHS-HE Forum meeting last November when we were fortunate to have Richard Corbridge speaking on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centres project to achieve the IGT, Secondary Use view. There were other presentations there around this topic too, such as an update from the Caldicott2 review (Ted Woodhouse), the latest thinking on this from UCL Partners (Trevor Peacock), the Institute of Child Health (Tito Castillo) and the BRISSkit Project at the University of Leicester working with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and others (Jonathan Tedds). Presentations here.

See also IG Strand Page


IGT Workshop event updated today to add links to the videos of most of the presentations and workshop group feedback. Thank you to the presenters and rapporteurs for agreeing to this and Matthew Terentjev, Janet training, for the filming and sunching with the powerpoint presentations.