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NHS impact of Universities changing from 'Live@Edu' to 'Office365 for Education'

24 October 2013 at 3:16pm

This page with can be used to notify NHS sites that take clinical placement students and so will be affected by students' webmail services being switched from 'Live@Edu' to 'Office365 for Education'. Thank you to Teeside for suggesting this and starting the ball rolling as below. Please add other notifications by (registering on this site and joining this group as necessary) and posting as a comment or by emailing for me to add it.

Teesside University are in the process of changing our student webmail service from 'Live@Edu' to 'Office365 for Education'.  We are also taking this opportunity to change the URL of our webmail service.  These changes may have an effect on whether our students can access their mail in clinical practice settings.  This is because trust IT staff will need to be aware of implications for their trust firewalls.

In Aug 2009 we had with some success when we publicised a similar procedure with many NHS trusts when we moved to 'Live@Edu'.

The URL will change from to from the middle of June 2013.

The full process of authentication will be provided when it's known but the previous one went something like:

1.    Student logs into theTU student gateway [ ]

2.    handover to  -- -->>   ---->>

3.    handover to the individual server e.g.

This scenario only applies for active Teesside students who start the authentication process from the 'mymail.tees' URL at (1).  Once they have completed their course they can still access their mail accounts via (which we know will be identified as webmail and blocked accordingly at every trust).

Microsoft publish a list of all of the URLs and IPs that provide this service at As it's not a short list  I will not publish on this forum. This information will hopefully make negotiating individual trust firewalls an easier task for security/network comms staff.

Please be aware of this change if students or the Teesside IT Service Desk report access issues to your trust.

This will affect, in the first instance, the following trusts:   South Tees, North Tees and Hartlepool; Tees, Esk and Wear Valley and County Durham and Darlington.  But we have students in many NHS trusts across the UK. Can we ask that this information is disseminated to any IM&T technical staff who need to know.

Many thanks

Paul Dalkin

Projects Team


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