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NHS-HE Connectivity Project

24 October 2013 at 3:16pm

The NHS-Higher Education Connectivity Project aims to:

Co-ordinate and support network connectivity between the NHS and Universities involved with education and research in medicine, nursing and professions allied to medicine.

And it has as its objective:

To achieve good inter-operability between NHS and Higher Education (HE) networks that enable secure anytime, anywhere access by medical, nursing and allied profession students, clinical teachers and researchers

The NHS-HE Connectivity Project is overseen by the NHS-HE Forum.

Benefits for students and staff

  • Improved ease of collaborative working between NHS and University based staff
  • Best use of work and study time and available resources
  • Independence from study or work location, whether in NHS or University
  • No need for duplicate IT facilities such as PCs
  • Fewer usernames and passwords

Benefits for NHS Trusts and Universities

  • Help attract and keep the best students, clinical teachers and researchers
  • Improved ease of collaborative working between NHS and University based staff
  • Cost savings through some shared network infrastructure
  • Cost savings through the avoidance of duplicate IT resources
  • Improved integration and efficiency of IT support
  • Cost effective access to extra applications for some services from the other sector