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National NHS-HE Forum

23 June 2020 at 3:48pm

National NHS-HE Forum (also see Scotland NHS-HE Forum)

Next Meeting – November 2020 tba

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What is it?

The NHS-HE Forum was set up in 2001 for IT and networking managers from both the NHS and Higher Education, with an interest in achieving two-way communication between NHSNet (now replaced by N3) and Janet, the network for education and research, managed by Jisc. It is an informal group that relies on the influence, ideas and action of its individual members to make a difference.

The NHS-HE Forum was chaired by its founder, Professor Roland Rosner, then Director, Education & Information Support Division (EISD)at UCL until 2008 and is currently chaired by Ted Woodhouse, previously Director of IT at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Membership includes key decision makers in NHS and Higher Education IT and Informatics and active practitioners in these and related fields.

Objectives of the Forum

  • To promote electronic access of medical journals and content by students and clinical teachers
  • To achieve two-way communication between NHS and HE networks, enabling secure anytime, anyplace, anywhere access by students and clinical teachers

Who can join?

The Forum is an open group and anyone with an interest in the issues can join and attend the meetings. NHS-HE Forum members include NHS and University IT Directors, Network Managers,  Library and Knowledge Management Leads, Information Governance and IT Leads for clinical research groups and those with an interest in e-learning.

What is involved?

The NHS-HE Forum meets formally twice a year, to discuss case studies and best practice by Medical and Health Sciences Schools, Universities and NHS Trusts. In recent meetings the themes addressed have included:

  • Connectivity and networks, technical and information governance issues, specific projects like the N3 Janet Gateway & joint videoconferencing
  • Content procurement, joint library and knowledge management services
  • Access Management (particularly related to federated access)
  • Use of NHS data for clinical research, and the Information Governance requirements such as the Information Governance Toolkit assessment for s251 data requests
  • Health Research systems (e.g. national developments in England through the National Institute for Health Research)
  • e-learning and the NHS
  • High Performance Computing
  • Enterprise architectures (at least for access to web resources)
  • Opportunities presented by Academic Health Science Centre and Academic Health Science Network developments (and similar collaborations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
  • Student access to NHS clinical systems

How can I join?

Membership of the NHS-HE Forum is free and you can join the email list here or by contacting the NHS-HE Co-ordinator, Malcolm Teague on: