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New: Resources from NHS-HE Forum on 29th November 2017

N3 Janet Gateway - confirmed it will end on 31st January 2018

NHS-Higher Education Connectivity Project: about

NHS-HE Forum: about+archive, last meeting, next - May 2018 tba

Scotland NHS-HE Forum:archive, last- 27th October 2016, next - tba

Jisc is working with the Farr Institute, Medical Bioinformatics Initiative and the Administrative Data Reseach Network (ADRN) on the safe share service.

NHS-HE Connectivity Best Practice Working Group: about; Headings: Access from NHS Desktops; Use of Terminal services; NHS & HE networking securely, including NHS & eduroam/wireless/govroam, List of hospitals providing eduroam

See also Govroam  - roaming federation for the public services, blogs

NHS-HE Information Governance Working Group and IG resources

N3-Janet Gateway: about, ....Phase 2 Project archive. Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is coming: N3 Janet Gateway - confirmed it will end on 31st January 2018

Other Strands: Joint Content Procurement; Identity & Access Management; NHS as Janet Business & Community Engagement Partners; .....NHS impact 'Live@Edu' to 'Office365 for Education'

Please join this group and comment, also the parallel NHS-HE Forum JISCMAIL group for email updates.

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Members of the NHS-HE Information Governance Working Group as at November 2017. 103 members from 38 universities and research organisations represented. We were sorry to see the founding Chair of the group, Bridget Kenyon, leave for new pastures in autumn 2017 and we thank her for her great leadership and efforts on behalf of the group. Delighted to announce though that Wendy Craig from University of Newcastle has taken over as Chair with Trevor Peack of UCL becoming Deputy Chair.

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