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This group has been set up to discuss all topics relating to Networkshop, our network and technology conference.

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Networkshop41 - Your suggestions

24 October 2013 at 3:17pm

Help make this event even more successful than Networkshop 40 - let us know what topics you would like to hear about and if you have any recommendations for speakers.


We should try to book Stephen Fry for the after dinner speaker, and do so right now, or he'll be booked up! (and if he is, get him for 2014).

We tried for this year and his agent said no so I tried for next year and his agent said a definite no never! We may try for Dara O'Briain but I gather he is very expensive. Suggestions welcome.

For the after dinner speaker: Certainly Dara O'Briain would be good, plus any folk from the Uncaged Monkeys tour: Simon Singh, Brian Cox, Ben Goldacre, Robin Ince plus even any of the support, although I don't suppose you would go for Tim Minchin. He was amazing at Altitude festival earlier in the year!

For the conference itself: Certainly keep the lightning talks, they give the conference an edge. Also the BoF sessions are important, perhaps allocate some more time to BoF sessions, late afternoon on the middle day (not evening as people are getting ready for the conference dinner). There were BoF sessions that clashed, too many interesting BoFs to attend.

What about some themed sessions/presentations. "Ten things I didn't know last summer", "Something you did that made a difference and was free", "One technology that is essential", "Technical deep dive in X", "epic fail of the year and how to avoid it". Actually you have started to give me an idea for a presentation already, I just need to get Robert Webb for a voiceover.

Finally, I think the FreeRADIUS session on the first day was really well received, hopefully you can do something again like this next year?


Speakers wise, what about the following people, I've seen excellent presentations from David at the BCS in Nottingham and a short session from Lee at the UCISA Estates event:

David Benford (Mobile Forensics, BYOD)

Lee Funnell (Cabling Standards)

Richard Clayton (or colleagues) would make a good plenary session?

Dafydd Stuttard (Web Security Testing)

Campbell Murray (About Tigerscheme, security conferences-44con etc)

If not for networkshop, perhaps for the CSIRT conference!


Great recommendations Matt, thanks.  If anyone sees or knows of any other great speakers or topics, please post to the group - it will help us build on our list for next year.  This group will remain open so as you see/get to know of others, please let us know.

I found the FreeRADIUS session very useful - congratulations Alan et al.. This was the first Tuesday morning session I've attended - often I've found that these sessions aren't decided until some time after online booking opens by which time I've usually booked transport and accomodation to coincide with the start of Networkshop "proper". This year we (Sussex) were deliberating for weeks over who was attending and so managed to book for the Tuesday morning. So maybe the pre-conference sessions could be advertised to coincide with the opening of online booking.

Networkshop bags - given no particular majority for rucksack or  "messenger" bags could I suggest that we alternate each year?

Looking forward to Keele - lovely campus.


Great to hear you enjoyed the session.  I've passed your comments to our training department - I know they are keen to confirm these sessions earlier so we'll work together to try and get these advertised when bookings go live.

Glad to see you're looking forward to next year - I've not been to Keele so hopefully I can join you.  Anything you'd particularly like to see on the programme? Or as part of the conference give-aways?

So glad that the seminar was useful, we are planning to run another next year and we are in the process of deciding topics.  Any suggestions are very welcome to, or here on the forum.  What ever the topic, the seminar will be on the Tuesday morning again, programme details will be finallised before the bookings open in December so that you can plan your travel etc.

Hope to see you at Keele.