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Project Moonshot is a Janet-led initiative, in partnership with the GÉANT project and others, to develop a single unifying technology for extending the benefits of federated identity to a broad range of non-Web services, including Cloud infrastructures, High Performance Computing & Grid infrastructures and other commonly deployed services including mail, file store, remote access and instant messaging.

The goal of the technology is to enable the management of access to a broad range of services and applications, using a single technology and infrastructure. This is expected to significantly improve the delivery of these services by providing users with a common single sign-on, for both internal and external services. Service providers will be able to more easily offer their services to users from other organisations using a single common authentication mechanism. This will enhance the user’s experience, and reduce costs for those organisations supporting users, and delivering services to them.

This group is for community of Moonshot users, whether you're new to the technology, you're currently evaluating and getting to grips with it, or you've deployed it. For the list of guidance available about Moonshot within this group, see the Start Here wiki page.

Jisc Assent, the production service underpinned by the Moonshot technology, went live on 25th March 2015. For information on, or to join the Jisc Assent service, please visit


A Trust Router is a proposed element in an ABFAB Federation that allows information about how a Relying Party (RP) can reach an AAA Server for a specified Identity Provider (IdP) realm to be dynamically propagated throughout an ABFAB Federation. Trust Routers also provide a mechanism for dynamic key generation between a Relying Party’s AAA client and an Identity Provider’s AAA Server, over a transitive Trust Path across the Federation.  


A key part of the usability of Moonshot is a GUI tool to facilitate the selection of an identity to use for a specific access requirement. An Identity Selector has been developed and is included in the Moonshot code, but further development work is planned to improve the look and feel of the user interface. This document shows mock ups of what a redesigned UI could look like.

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