Marketing & Communications community groups


    This working group is open to members of the TERENA community interested in planning, implementing, running and using CRM (customer relationship management) systems to support their daily work.


    This site is for Janet customers in the London region and aims to provide a method of sharing information and ideas for our customers within London. Janet encourages you to interact with us through this group to share your ideas and current work so that others may benefit from your experiences and help inform the shaping of Janet services.



    New: Presentations from NHS-HE Forum on 4th June 2019

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    NHS-HE Forum: about+archive, last meeting, next - November 2019 (date tba)

    Scotland NHS-HE Forum:archive, last- 27th October 2016, next - currently on hold

    NHS & eduroam/wireless/govroam,

    List of hospitals providing eduroam

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