We are pleased to bring you this issue of the Quarterly Report following a break in production.

The videoconferencing team has been to a couple of events and is planning Janet’s involvement in Jisc’s Digital Festival.

There are a number of updates for the Community from the Strategic Technologies team, including the publication of
three Moonshot-related Proposed Standards, and supporting 4k video streams for the Commonwealth Games.


One of the major hot topics this quarter has been Janet’s partnership with Microsoft. To be launched on 1 February 2013, the service will help institutions move to Microsoft Office 365, enabling them to save money with legal costs.

Another point of note from the report is the 25% increase in the number of SSL certificates obtained via Janet Certificate Service this quarter, reinforcing our belief that this service is of significant value to our community.


August - October 2012

Since we first started to produce this report, we’ve seen a number of developments – from changes to existing services, to the introduction of new offerings. This new format will now reflect these changes, including information about specific services that have changed during the period. It will also include details of other services we believe will be of interest to you.

This report is for you, our community, so if you have any suggestions for future content, please do join the community group and leave a comment.


During this quarter, members of Janet have been out and about at industry events, as well attending
Networkshop41. More details of customer visits and community news are on pages 12-15.

The Strategic Technologies team has a number of updates for the community, including new trials
for 4G and a Moonshot pilot (page 8).

As always, it’s worth noting that this report is for you, our community, so if you have any suggestions for
future content, please do get in touch by joining the community group and leaving a comment

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